As I am on my flight to return to the United States from Italy, I think about how much my study abroad program has changed me. I already miss so much about Italy, but I am also incredibly excited to return home to see my family and friends. It has been a long month, and as I sit here, I think about everything that I have done. Going to Venice, Padua, Verona, Milan, Ravenna, Florence, and Rome was a life-changing experience. Learning about classic literature from Dante, Virgil, and Shakespeare that was all written or set in these areas. The culture that permeates these cities leaves an impact on the works of these writers. It was also important to see how the works of art in this area followed thematically similar changes to those in literature.


Coming home today is a bittersweet experience since I have loved my experience in Italy. However, there were some small things that I missed while I was there that I am so excited to have again. Some of the things that I missed, especially in the summer, were free cold water from restaurants and air conditioning being the norm. It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for much of the trip, and not having regular access to these things was brutal. I am still not sure how the people that live there exist without this, because the heat made me feel ill several times, and I am from Alabama. Other than these small issues, I was incredibly happy with the program, and I would encourage anyone to join this program if they are interested. I know that I want to return to Italy someday, hopefully when its cooler.