As part of our time at Oxford, my program had two high table dinners hosted by Worcester College! In short, these are formal, three-course dinners held in the college's dining hall. I've attached pictures of the (amazing) food below, and also some of myself and my friends in the program all dressed up. These nights were such an amazing experience! Dressing up with my newfound friends and having a nice dinner at the beginning and end of the program was such a special experience. The food was amazing, and I got to try so many new things that I probably would not have tried otherwise. Plus, as these dinners were at the very beginning and very end of the trip, it was easy to observe how far we had all come in terms of getting to know each other and become a close knit group! From the slight awkwardness of the first high table, where we didn't know each other very well and were still acclimating to our new surroundings and classes, to the last one, where we were all laughing and making toasts to each other like we had known each other forever, the high tables provided a nice opportunity to reflect on the trip and the memories we made along the way. 

Pictures of all three courses from the first high table dinner! 

According to the menu for the first high table dinner, the starter (top left) was Smoked Duck breast salad, quail egg, & confit duck bon bons. The main course was Sumac crusted salmon and pea & broad bean risotto with tomato salsa. For dessert, we had Summer pudding and creme fraiche, with raspberry & honeycomb. It was the fanciest food I have ever had by far.

The last high table dinner meal!

Above are the three courses from the last high table dinner! According to the menus given, the first course for this meal was Confit salmon pea broad bean lemon and mascarpone risotto. The main dish was Lamb cannon with braised lamb breast with watercress and walnut pesto. It was served alongside potatoes and seasonal vegetables. For dessert, we had a baked raspberry Alaska with a pistachio crumb. However, because I am allergic to nuts, they special-made each of my dishes to not contain any allergens, hence why mine don't perfectly fit the menu described! The college was so accommodating for my dietary restrictions, and each of my meals were specially prepared to my needs.

Some pictures of my friends and I all dressed up for the two high tables! The large group photo in the top right is the entire UA in Oxford program!