My study abroad trip went to London, and only half of the fun was the tours we did in the city. The actual classes my peers and I participated in each week were just as interesting. I originally wanted to go on this specific trip because of the course material. I am a Psychology major, and I previously had been having difficulty deciding which parts of psychology I am the most interested too. I wanted to take this class in order to get a better understanding of Forensics, and if it was truly the thing I wanted to do in my life. My professor on the trip, Dr. Cox, is a Clinical Psychologist and she specializing in psychology and the law. She was truly an inspiration throughout the entire course. Not only did she make our classes interesting, but she also explained her everyday work life. She talked about the things she participates in for her job, and I absolutely fell in love with the material. The course and activities we did abroad gave me a better understanding to what Forensic Psychology is. I have a better idea of how I want to continue my education, and start my career one day. Going abroad is great. It is fun, and being in a new country is a life changing experience in a lot of different ways; but the actual course you sign up for might open your eyes to the next steps you want to take in life. Your peers you travel with can also affect you. It was so amazing being surrounded by other students who are interested in the same subjects as me. My peers on the trip were smart and passionate and I am lucky enough to call them my friends now, even back home in Alabama.