I committed to a Forensic Psychology program in London for the summer of 2023. I had never left the US for school, or any personal trips. I was definitely feeling nervous before I left. I had no idea what to expect. To prepare for the different culture I watched many videos giving travel tips for the area we were staying in. I also tried to find places that I would want to visit with my peers while we were there. For example, rooftop restaurants, farmers markets, and other famous tourist attractions in London. I probably studied the itinerary 100 times before we left. The flight was 10 hours. The flight itself was fine, but the airports were crazy. When I had landed, I found one of my peers who arrived the same time I had. After meeting everyone, and the professor we dropped our bags in our hotel, and went on a double decker bus tour. I swear I took a thousand pictures in a day. I immediately connected with my peers who were with me. They were honestly the best support system for when I was feeling homesick, and amazing people to learn with. I really enjoyed meeting people who had similar goals, yet just as great to see our differences as people. The best part is that we all got along. My favorite things that I did with them were visiting the Tower of London, and going on our classes walking tours everyday.