As I have returned from Zambia, Africa I am happy to be home but already miss the beauty of the scenery. I am so grateful to be able to travel to a country so far away and learn from the people there. Seeing how the local community rally around each other and support each other however they can. The country had such a diverse structure from busy downtown cities to miles of road with nothing but nature as far as the eye could see. Helping the people we met in clinic made an impact on my that reminded me why I became a nurse. I hope everyone gets to experience the love and gratitude I felt during this trip. The children we met in the schools we visited we so kind and curious about all we had to share about our lives in the USA. They also taught us a lot about their day to day life and all they are doing in school. Since their written language is English it was easy to share stories and for them to share their aspirations with us. Many students had big plans of how to make an impact on their cities for the better. I was also so grateful for our instructors who led us on the trip and helping make all of the trip happen. From the clinic to all the excursions they planned it was amazing. I was so glad to have this opportunity to further my nursing career and meet new people. I am so much closer with the students from UA on the trip and all the staff involved.