Upon my arrival at London, United Kingdom I had the pleasure to meet these 2 amazing individuals. I would later soon find out that they would become some really good friends of mine. We click automatically even though we all come from different parts of our country. We all actually attended the same university but have never really been in contact with each other. So, I am very thankful for this experience and the fact that this program has brought me two new friends. My first impression of London was that it was NOT cold and rainy, and that I was glad I packed for all seasons. It was hot and everybody in our group from The University of Alabama ended up buying fans to get through the heat because the no A|C system that was not had in Europe was not acceptable. Another difference that I noticed is that they drink straight spring water, instead of mineral water. That was something that definitely caught me off guard. Mass transportation was definitely implemented there as well and walking, so I quickly understood why other people from outside countries say Americans are bad with direction and lazy, because as a whole we are. However, after a week of being there, I feel like we all adapted to the culture of London and enjoyed it. The language spoken in London was English, but their English is different from ours in American. I often found them asking me if I was American because I had an accent, even though I thought they had one themselves.