I decided to wait a couple weeks into my return back to the United States in order to offer a perspective of being fully immersed into the culture here.  Being abroad for around two months, I was a little nervous to come back to the states as I did not know if I would feel out of place or have to take some time getting used to my old schedule.  Luckily, this adjustment period is not as severe as others might inform you and I feel as if I have readjusted swiftly.  I've been back in America for a solid period of time now and definitely feel as if I am fully in touch with my old schedule and feeling great.  I do miss my time abroad a lot and enjoy telling my friends here about my experience.

 When I last posted here, I spoke of an upcoming trip to Madrid with my parents and another with my friends to Portugal.  Madrid was a terrific time and spending time with my family abroad was even better.  Being over a month into my program, I had come to miss the people back home, so seeing my parents was very refreshing.  Madrid itself was a gorgeous city, just a three hour train ride from where I was living in Barcelona.  Although we only were able to spend a day there, I am very glad to say I visited.  My next trip was to Lisbon, Portugal,  a city I most definitely plan to visit again.  The food, beaches, and restaurants were up there with the best I have ever seen.  We spent three nights there staying in a hostel, which if you plan to travel in Europe are great affordable options.  Our hostel offered daily deals and events for the residents to get to know each other and was located in a great location that had us walking distance to many different sights and restaurants.  

The last week of the program was full of a range of emotions.  I was sad to have to leave my program and my roommates, but excited to come home and see all my friends and family.  I had come to love Barcelona as if it were my home and enjoyed the people there as well.  We finished up our finals and presentations, enjoyed our last nights out together and then all departed to our flights. This experience was once in a life time and if anyone who is reading this and contemplating studying abroad, take the leap and I promise you won't regret it.  I'm very thankful for the time I spent abroad and the newfound perspectives I gained from it.  This trip will always hold a heavy value to me and I would one hundred percent do it again.