I enjoyed the time spent at Christ Cares International School in Ghana. We visited the children here at least twice a week throughout the total duration of our month long trip. This school is considered a private institution and the kids range from ages 2-15. We learned that students pay by the semester to attend this school and it cost around $70 to send a child to school per semester. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the K3 class which consisted of 4-5 year old children. In my classroom one of the days we made bracelets together. My favorite memory is reading to the class. I read them 2 different books in english and the teacher would translate the words to their native language. This was a very sentimental moment for me because I cherished how language differences was not a barrier between us. I was still granted the opportunity to interact with the children despite our differences and the teacher actually told me that they did not want me to stop reading which really warmed my heart. After reading,  the teacher asked me to quiz them and they answered all of my questions correctly. The next time I visited I brought them some candy that I picked up from the market and we had a fun day. They showed me some of their dances, which was very cool and interesting. The kids then asked me to dance with them. It was so fun because the teacher turned some music on using a speaker and the kids sang and danced for me. It was a very memorable time for me because their was so much love and appreciation shown from everyone to me. I really enjoyed spending time with my kids and these memories will be cherished forever.