Greece was amazing, and after being home for a bit, I really miss it. I think the trip helped me grow as a person and helped me see who I am and who I can be. I know, it sounds so far fetched, but seriously. While I was there, I met so many amazing people, not just the other students, but locals too. The other students helped me realize that I’m actually pretty smart, if a bit snobbish at times, which in turn helped me work on that. I learned that I am not just a body made up of anxiety that controls my life, I’m a person who can experience the amazing things this world has to offer! I also learned that I would be very happy as an archaeologist, so my career path is completely planned out.

All that to say, just because I loved it doesn’t mean there aren’t things I wish I knew before hand. My advice to future study abroaders is to research common things that other travelers were surprised about. I was definitely not expecting to have to throw my toilet paper away instead of flushing it, not to mention the open showers. Also, for first time flyers, or first time international flyers, I recommend bringing a pillow. Honestly, the neck pillow didn’t do much for me and I saw another person who did have a pillow, so definitely do that. Also! Bring a small bottle of Dr. Meyers soap, if you don’t have access to laundry, sinks and soap work fine. On a slightly funnier note, don’t spill coffee on you on the plane, and if you do, just make sure you have a change of clothes. I wore a skirt made of plane blankets for about ten hours.