As I have spent my time here in Ghana I have learned so much, not only about the new culture I am living in but also I have learned more about myself. My group and I always have an adventurous weekend when we are not volunteering at the local medical sites. We have done tours of slave castles, canopy forest walking, and even tours of medical schools in the area.


As we toured the slave castles, there was an emotional feeling of emotion as we learned how slaves lived and were treated. I enjoyed learning and gaining the knowledge that I did not know before about slave history. A fun and active event that we did was canopy forest walking which was a challenge but also very fun to do. As we walked on the wood platform being held up by rope hanging from trees, the platform would become shaky every step we took. This activity made us sweat uncontrollably but it was an enjoyable and happy moment with the group. We had a bonding moment as we encouraged other members of the group who were not so confident. The last activity we did was touring the local medical schools, this is where I learned that I am interested in changing my major. I am learning what I really want to do with my future career, which was very eye opening. As we toured I noticed all the female students wearing white dresses with close toed flats, and all the men were wearing white pant scrub sets. I noticed how different their dress code is from ours here in the United States.


Overall these adventures have taught me more than I can be grateful for. This experience is truly has helped me in many ways.