A typical day in Ghana usually begins around 5/6 AM. The chickens begin to crow and other birds begin their morning chirping rituals, right outside of your window. It takes some getting used to, but after a while you don't even notice it as it become apart f your routine. Most mornings are a bit cooled down, right before the sun gets into its position for the day. After your morning preparation and taking in a light breakfast, you head toward your destination for the day. I was introduced to Ghana's form of transportation called the "Tro Tro". The Tro Tros are van like vehicles that choose a certain destination and pick up passengers along the way. They are no where near top of the line, but they are safe, cheap, and reliable. 


While on the Tro Tro, you pass by various shops and businesses while up close and personal with "hawkers".

Hawkers are citizens selling food and merchandise, in their hands and on their heads, in the streets. They will sell to anyone in passing, but target the Tro Tro riders since there are so many piled in one place. After reaching your destination, the heat will have more than likely began to make its appearance. You feel the heat on your skin and the sweat on your face, which is why traveling with a "sweat rag" is highly recommended. For me personally, after exiting the Tro Tro, I had a walk with a nice distance to my agency. Upon my arrival, I was hot, thirsty, and my back was completely full of sweat. I would head directly to the Social Work office and turn the fan on high. After cooling down for nearly ten minutes, I was ready to start my day. I volunteered at Don Bosco Child Protection Center and I loved it! Once all tasks are completed, I would return to the Tro Tro stop and repeat the same steps I took getting there. By this time, the heat had really picked up. After a fulfilling day, the heat bothers you a little less. You go home happy, satisfied, and gratified. You rest, hang out, run errands, or whatever you choose to do until the next morning when the chickens crow, and it all happens over again.