While researching programs and applying, I was very nervous about studying abroad. Although I was only going to be gone 6 weeks, I was still worried about how much I would miss my home, family, friends, and the comfort of my day-to-day routine. As my trip was quickly approaching, I felt so many different emotions, so excited for my trip but still so worried about how much I would miss home.

Flash forward 5 weeks and now I am in my last week in Barcelona. I have loved every second of my trip. I now feel like I am not ready to leave, and I wish I could stay longer! It is crazy to think that in 5 weeks I have come to love a place so much. I am so thankful that I did not let my worries or fears hold me back from studying abroad. It is totally normal to experience these feelings, but I can tell you that it is so worth it! I have had so many experiences and have made so many memories and friends in just 5 weeks. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to a different country and learn about the culture and immerse yourself without having too many obligations holding you back.

My best piece of advice for a student about to study abroad is to say yes to every opportunity and have an open mind while doing everything. You will have so many chances to experience so many new things and places! It truly is incredible to be able to move across the world for a period of time and meet completely new people and learn so much about the world.

So, if you are deciding if you should study abroad, I 100% recommend it! The experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You won’t regret it!