Voy a hablar sobre mi viaje a Cartagena! That means I am about to talk about our trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena was our second trip as a group, and it took about 2 hours from Baranquilla, where were staying now. We were told we were going on a city tour, eating the best fish in South America, and that we were going to a private island for a whole day! I was so excited, but during this trip, I slept for all of the car rides because classwork was getting the best of me. We arrived to Cartagena on a Saturday and stayed until Monday evening. We all first started off by going out to eat because if you didn’t know South America has the best food in the world. I will say if you had any dietary restriction or weren’t feeling any Colombian food, they always had a burger or chicken tenders and fries that you could order, just like in the U.S. After lunch we went on a city tour of the history of Cartagena and what it was built on, there was a museum that was dedicated to the natives of Cartagena. We all found out that South America is in the top three sellers of Emeralds in the world. The Emerald museum was so elegant, and it was a perfect time to see what type of jewelry I woudl want in the future. The next day we all went to a private island called Isla del Sol, meaning Island of the Sun. This was my very first time on a private island, and I most definitely fell in love with. We arrived and the natives greeted us with smiles and fresh fruit, they must’ve known I was coming cause they had Guava! Our instructor let us know to have fun, and be prepared for lunch at about two in the afternoon, and it was freshly caught fish from the water. After that we spent the day swiming in the ocean and scuba diving, and keep in mind all of the instructions, conversations, and guides are all speaking in Spanish. So it was overwhelming at first, but after this trip, a piece of cake. I enjoyed my time so much here, and once we got back to shore, we were all sunburnt, and ready for a nap! I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, and so greatful I got to be apart of it! Gracias Chicos Ciao!