One of the best things about studying abroad is the opportunity to travel to so many different countries. This past weekend was my first trip out of Spain and I went to Cannes, France and Monte Carlo! I had the absolute best time. I wanted to share some important things I learned while traveling. First, traveling to a different country, or even city, takes a lot of preparing. All of the planning may feel overwhelming at first, but trust me it is so worth it! You need to make sure you have all your transportation lined up (including how to get to the airport or train station), have your lodging lined up, and have some plans for how to make the most of your time there! The more time you spend preparing, the better your trip will be! Due to the busy schedule while abroad, whether that be classes or an internship, you only have 2-3 days to travel. This means you must make the most of every second! If you plan well, you will be able to do all the major things you want to do. Another tip of advice I learned is the earlier you book the trips, the cheaper everything will be. It is easy to just keep looking at flights and lodging and “waiting for the right moment to book”, but trust me, just go ahead and book it and it will save you both money and time! Overall, traveling is very exciting and one of the best parts of being able to study in another country! Just plan well and you will have a wonderful time no matter where you go!