Stellenbosch, located in South Africa’s Western Cape, is an incredibly beautiful and charming place. Surrounded by stunning mountains and vineyards, it offers unforgettable experiences to anyone who visits. The hiking trails take you through breathtaking landscapes, making you feel small in the grandeur of nature. But Stellenbosch is not just about nature; it’s also about the friendly locals and their unique cultures. Interacting with them and supporting their small businesses adds a special touch to your journey. Stellenbosch will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the beauty that comes your way. An example would be visiting the Khayelitsha cookie company which was one of the more impactful excursions/tours that we have did on our trip. Adri one of the founders did a great job, presenting herself, and what her company is about. She made a heart wrenching and motivational slideshow. I love the vision and mission statement for the company where it allows unemployed mothers, a chance to work and bring food to the tables every night to reduce the malnutrition death rate. I think the fact that they’re running the company by people, even though changing the amount of players to machines that they could use would generate more profit is a very humble and considerate thing to do. Also, the impact she’s striving to make for the future of South Africa which lies within its youth. The way the activism enriched her life is very motivational and I was like seeing a real-life example of our classroom discussion. Based on what I’ve heard it seems as though the Khayelitsha Cookie company uses a holistic viewpoint, which takes the standpoint of the why and the how. In addition to this, I loved the cultural, understanding aspect, she knew that any respect from the older employees and those who live different lives will take time, maybe not 8 years but that’s something that can’t be rushed. Lastly, there isn’t anything you can give but respect for the employees not being mandated to learn Afrikaans, but the head of the company take your time to learn their mother tongue (Xhlosa). which learning at an older age isn’t easy. Overall great experience and I’m excited to complete the task that was given to see what impact it will have on my life.