High Tea with Friends 🙂

One of my favorite things to do is to try new food and experiences. Before coming to London, I knew that I wanted to try as many different cuisines and restaurants out as possible. As an American, I didn’t have the best perception of British food, so I tended to stay away from a lot of British cuisine. With that being said, high tea wasn’t particularly high on my agenda if at all, but it wound up being one of the best experiences that I had in London.

This is a BeReal of myself and three close friends that I made during the trip. This day we were planning to take pictures inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral but when we got there, admission was super expensive. So, for the next hour or so we walked around the area and eventually found CafĂ© Rouge where for 15 pounds per person…you could get unlimited pastries and hot beverages and essentially have high tea.

Experiencing high tea was so fun because I realized there isn’t really anything special about it other than just eating yummy biscuits and scones and being in good company. Sitting down and having high tea with my friends made me appreciate the wholesomeness of this aspect of British culture that I thought was just posh and aloof. Given, we had a very affordable version of high tea, but even so it was nice to relax and take a break from walking around in the hot streets of London. I also learned that British scones with clotted cream and jam are absolutely delicious and what we consider scones here hardly compares.