By: Jameson Cook

The study abroad that I was participating in is over but the experience was amazing! It is very bitter sweet being back home after seeing great monuments and eating fantastic foods throughout Italy and Croatia. The academic material was well crafted with the schedule we had and setting myself in new areas of commerce aided in understanding the homework/exams. Professor Lee (UA) was exceptional in planning the trip with our best interests in mind. We had devoted time for classes and time to set out for adventure the cities. It is a toss up for me, but I would declare either Venice (Italy) or Ljubljana (Slovenia, day trip). If I had known a little bit of the local languages then the study abroad would have been even better! That is my biggest thing to work on for future trips and for perspective students reading this.

I was extremely excited to see my family and friends upon my return including my cat. Even though I spent years in the navy and on deployments, being away does take a toll for most people if it’s their first time. I devoted my time to taking plenty of pictures, eating various foods, and making small talk with the locals (friendly, eager to help). My professor had also purchased an international SIM card for his phone to have unlimited data, text, and call while away. He recommends it for all students studying abroad!

My trip was unforgettable and worthwhile for the time I was in Europe. Please check out my other blog posts to get a full insight on what to expect, pack, and to do if serious about joining Bama Abroad!