I have never been out of the country before…well unless you want to count going to Mexico as a child on a cruise. As I got older, I realized Spanish has always been something for me. I always said I wanted to go out the country so why not go with the school and get credit for it? As a African American female, things have always been more difficult to obtain more than others so the funding for this trip discouraged me at first. As I proceeded with the interest process, my dreams seemed a lot more achievable than before. As I started speaking with a few educations abroad advisors, I was told there were many grants and scholarships available especially for minorities. I applied to almost every abroad or grant there was, and they basically paid for my whole trip.


I was super excited about finally leaving the country and going to a place where I’ve always wanted to go…south America. I’ve decided to go to Barranquilla Colombia. To prepare for this trip, I made sure I had a few snacks, portable charger, VERY few clothes, pillowcase, stomach medicine (TRUST YOURE GOING TO NEED IT) and an extension cord with multiple outlets (if you’re like me with multiple electronics). Also...convert money with your bank before you go...at least $300 USD.

My emotions preparing for the trip were a mixture between nervousness and excitement. Let me tell you now, there is no reason to be nervous at all, just enjoy this beautiful country, relax, and take things slow for a change.

Out of this study abroad experience I hope to gain more confidence, become more comfortable with people I don’t know quicker, and of course better my Spanish.