Packing for studying abroad is a scary endeavor that takes lots of time and thought. One thing that was important to me when packing was mobility. Before and after my Faculty Led Program, I am traveling through many different countries on planes, trains, and metros. On each one of these mediums of travel, there is extra costs involved with the more luggage that is brought.

Because of this, I decided I wanted to limit my packing to 1 carry on suitcase and a backpack. Bringing this luggage is free on most airlines and easy to carry around slim European streets. Although this sounds like a good idea, one question arose: how do I pack for 6 weeks in such a small bag?

I scoured the internet for packing tips and tricks, and I found many helpful packing lists. The list that was the most helpful for me came from Rick Steve, and well-known travel expert. He advertises a list that claims to be perfect for trips ranging from 5 days to 5 weeks. His philosophy is that a smart traveler can bring about a weeks’ worth of clothes and do laundry gradually over the course of the trip. I also found many recommended laundry services in the cities I am traveling to that will launder, dry, and fold laundry for about $5. These are great because I can drop off my clothes while I am sightseeing and pick up clean clothes at the end of my day.

Once I took in all this information, I began packing. I successfully limited my packing to only one carry on suitcase and one backpack, and I plan to save money on airline fees by springing for the cheaper laundry fees. My main packing advice would be to pack lightly and pack thoughtfully! You don’t have to bring 6 weeks’ worth of clothes for a 6-week-long trip.