So many great things have been learned this past week all while having the best time with new friends and exploring the beautiful country of Portugal. There are definitely some differences that you can tell between here and the United States – the biggest one being that there is no sense of urgency here. This has been very evident within our dining experiences as what could normally be a one-hour dinner could turn into a two-hour affair. On the topic of food, however, there are lots of great options within a large variety. I do have to give credit to McDonald’s as it has become our most visited establishment. The rumors are true and their making of the McFlurry is by far better than what we have available to us in the States. That being said, the best flavor here is the Lion McFlurry, which is essentially a concoction of bits of Heath bars, caramel sauce, and Cocoa Krispies. In other news, we spent the weekend in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. What was meant to be an overnight trip turned into a two night, three day, weekend that consisted of lots of food and walking up inclines. Between the two different Airbnbs we stayed at, we got a good feel of Lisbon, but were all happy to get back to Porto yesterday and back to our residences here at Liv (where we are staying for the Study Abroad program). We are now headed into week two and I am looking forward to all the speakers that are scheduled for this week and to continue working with my team to wrap up our business pitch.