The cultural context within Amsterdam could not be more different than my hometown of Moulton, Alabama. The main difference between the two is the rural nature of my home. Being in a city setting everyday is totally not something I’m used to. I have come to like it a lot though! The robust public transit system makes travel extremely easy, there’s tons of cute places to eat and shop, the history of the town is super fascinating, and there’s always something fun to do or a new part of the city to explore. When I’m at home I experience a totally different lifestyle. There are only a few restaurants, I drive everywhere, no matter where I am I almost always run into someone I know, and the whole town goes quiet around 10 pm.

I think it is really interesting to compare life in the city with life in the country, and I believe each setting satisfies different aspects of my personality. I love the convenience of a big city when it comes to transportation and activities. Plus, I’ve come to appreciate being able to go somewhere and not recognize anyone there. At the same time, it is comforting to be at home where I know every highway and county road like the back of my hand. I also love the space and seclusion that a rural setting provides. Overall, I think I fit in well in both places despite their being so different, but I definitely feel like a slightly different version of myself here in Amsterdam compared to when I’m at home in Moulton. 

Yesterday, we made our transition from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. I already love it here, and I can’t wait to explore this city and immerse myself in Danish culture!