Stepping onto the pavement outside Heathrow Airport, I had no clue what London had in store for my white converse.

If I had to describe London in three words, they would be:

  • Walking
  • Walking
  • More walking

For as readily accessible and relatively simple public transportation is here you would think walking would be all but inexistent.

You would be wrong. My shoes can attest to this.

London is the ultimate workout. Want to go to dinner more than half a mile away? Well if you do not want to walk there, you can walk to the nearest tube station then walk to the correct platform then walk onto the tube, most likely have to switch lines and walk up and down stairs and corners to the next platform. And then just when you think you are done and you’re walking out of your tube destination, odds are the restaurant is still at least a few minute walk from there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love it. Within the first few days my endurance was increased, I feel healthier, and I have a good reason to buy a new pair of shoes.

Plus, the views.

The gorgeous architecture on the way to classes and the juxtaposition of the modern high-rises to the dated gothic-style buildings is like nothing else.

Overall, I’d say it was a fair trade for my sole.