Saying goodbye to Stellenbosch feels bittersweet as I leave behind a place that holds so many wonderful memories. It was an interesting experience to travel with a group of people I didn’t know well, but we ended up forming friendships. This trip was my first time leaving my home country, and I’m grateful I chose South Africa as my destination. The experience was eye-opening, and though I didn’t experience much culture shock when arriving in Stellenbosch, I felt a slight shift in perspective upon returning home. This journey marked my first venture out of my homeland, and I couldn’t have chosen a more enriching destination than South Africa. The absence of major cultural shock upon arriving in Stellenbosch can be attributed to the welcoming nature of its residents and the genuine sense of community that embraced me. However, upon returning home, I experienced a slight cultural shift, which only highlighted the profound impact that this trip had on my perspectives and outlook. My time in Stellenbosch has ignited a fire within me to return to South Africa for future educational pursuits, professional growth, and personal exploration. The country’s rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture have left an insatiable amount of curiosity for more. The thought of immersing myself in its traditions and contributing to its development fills me with a sense of purpose and excitement. I will always cherish this opportunity and encourage others to take similar journeys if they have the chance. Stellenbosch will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I’m excited for what the future holds.