En Barranquilla Me Quedo

Nunca estas solo. <3

Life in Barranquilla, Colombia is vastly different from life in the United States. Number one, I find it extremely difficult at times to speak in English because I am constantly thinking of words in Spanish.

Living in Colombia for basically 2 months was truly the greatest experience of my life. You get to interact with people who were raised differently from you, you get to try things that you would not normally do in your country because it is seen as “unusual”, you have the opportunity to live a life that is completely different from the one you are used to, experience different people, different foods, different cultures, and gain a completely different aspect of life.

It has been about 19 days since I have been back in the states, and all I can think about is Colombia. The food, the wildlife, the touristic attractions, the night life, the ambiance, the family, the way of life…everything. Since being here I will say it is a bit difficult to constantly speak English especially since you were submerged in Spanish 24/7. I find it difficult to get reaccustomed to the America food and prices again. Reverse culture shock is real.

Seriously, if you have the opportunity to study abroad anywhere, TAKE IT. This world is so much bigger than The Unite States of America. When you travel you gain perspective and perspective is knowledge. Never stop being curious and never stop traveling. The study abroad experience in Barranquilla, Colombia is a 10/10.

If you’re looking for a SIGN, contemplating if you should go abroad or not…you should. Live your life to the fullest. If finance is a problem (like it was for me) I guarantee there are resources available to assist you.

Also, do not think for a second that you will not make friends abroad. I guarantee it is almost impossible to not make friends here.

Our host family, with a gift we made for them. #RollTide #SonLosMejores

A boat ride we took to a private island.