Hi everyone!

My name is Catalina Sapien I am going to be a sophomore at UA and am super excited (and nervous) for my upcoming trip to Italy! I am currently a biology major on the pre-med track, but my trip is focused around literature. I knew I wanted to study abroad this summer and honestly didn't care what I was going to be studying, but knew I wanted to go somewhere in Europe. I got an email from the Honors College one day, saw the post for Shakespeare in Italy and was sold. I was super excited to learn about all the different places we will get to go and all the amazing historical things we will get to see. I think I am most excited for Venice which is the first stop of the trip. I can't wait to eat some good food of course, but I am not exactly excited for the long flight. I am also looking forward to doing plenty of shopping, especially for some gold jewelry and maybe even some real leather. I also hope to be able to visit Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, maybe even making a stop at the viral store, CB Positano. I have started reading for the trip, and I think the book I am enjoying the most is The Merchant of Venice. My mom helped me to pick all my outfits out, but I have yet to put them in a suitcase lol. I leave in less than a week, so I guess I should get to it! 

Chat with yall soon!

-Catalina Sapien