Hey everyone!!

This is Caitlin and I am wrapping up my study abroad here in Barcelona. The last six weeks here have been amazing and for our last morning here, my friend Sophie and I went to the beach to see the sunrise (pictured below). We stayed with a host family that had kids and a dog and so there was no shortage of fun at home! We had home cooked meals that were traditional Spanish style, and they were so sweet and generous. While I’ve been here, I have seen everything I set out to see, tried so many new things, and met so many new people.

An experience like this one will be hard to forget but I am also very excited to return home. The reverse culture shock and jet lag will definitely be a thing, but it will be so worth it. I think living abroad, no matter how far you are away from home, or how long you stay gone, is a way to give you a whole new perspective on the way you live your daily life; what you love to do, what you wish were different, what you take for granted, what is important that you may not have previously even given thought to, etc.

My advice to future students would be to stay open-minded. I think my trip has been very similar to my expectations but it has also thrown me some curveballs and been different than I expected in a lot of ways too! Embracing the good and the bad will make for a better trip. If you are debating on whether or not to spend the extra cash on a weekend trip or a phone plan, the answer is YES!! It will be so worth it to not have to worry about minimizing your contact or time talking on the phone with loved ones from back home, or if your data is being drained by google maps. Money is best spent on making memories, so buy the concert tickets, the train pass, and the expensive dinner.

Best of luck in all your future travels, and ROLL TIDE!