I am so excited to begin my study abroad experience in a few days. I will arrive in Germany on May 7 and study abroad there for 3 weeks. I am very excited to study abroad because this will be my first time leaving the country. This is a big step for me because as a Management Information Systems major with a very full academic and extracurricular schedule, I did not think I would be able to study abroad.

I will be visiting several cities in Germany: Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and many more German cities with other University of Alabama students from the Culverhouse College of Commerce and the Honors College. I am excited to become immersed in German language, culture, and business. The main areas of focus for the study abroad program I chose, the UA in Germany Supply Chain Analytics program, is business and culture. Some of the places we will have the opportunity to visit include BMW world, a blue man group performance, segway tours, cathedrals, and a castle. I am very excited to visit all of these places and so many more in Germany.

I am really looking forward to what my first trip out of the country has in store for me! I am also somewhat apprehensive. I have never flown on a flight by myself or flown internationally. So these will also be new experiences for me. I know that I will need to be alert, and prepared but I am ready and confident that I can do this. Now I just need to finish packing, head to the airport, and I’ll be on my way!