During my time in South Africa and now since returning home and getting readjusted to the American society, I realize one of the biggest beuaties that I took for granted was right in front of me the entire time…the mountians. While they are everywhere in South Africa it dosen’t make each individual one any less beautiful. I saw many mountians while I was here and I had a different expereince with each one to say the least. I went to table mountain, and took the tram to the top to be able to see breathtaking views of the city of Cape Town far below and nature doing it thing all along the other side. I also went to the Cape of Good Hope (also known as The Cape of Storms. At this mountian I was able to hike from the bottom to the top and this made the view and the photos all the more worth it.

At the top of each of these mountians it was super windy considerting that during my trip to South Africa they were in their winter season. On top of the mountians it feels like you are floating in the clouds and to think that you only are looking at a portion of all that this world has to offer even with such a high andvantage point was even more mindblowing.

South Africa, a country full of love laugh and views has been able to teach me so many lessons from togetherness and appriciation and I will never take any of it for granted.