My Final week in Rome had to be most chaotic yet. While wanting to fit in as much as I possibly could, I was also faced with finals. I got to go to the Sistine chapel, the catacombs, and walk once more past the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, and I got to study for my final. The last week definitely reminds you that you are there to study, but also makes you appreciate every second you get. I tried to fit in as much italian food as I could and finally tried all the pasty shops I had passed on my walk to class every day. After all the eating I have dont this past week, I can offically say that I wont be needing to eat italian food for quite some time. The last week in Rome was really bittersweet because I did not want to leave all my new friends and the city behind, but I cherished every moment a bit more. The Sistine Chapel was so amazing to see, especially The Creation of Adam on the ceiling by Michelangelo. There were no pictures allowed, but it is definitely something you need to see in person anyways, as a picture would not do it justice. I took a walking tour of the catacombs which was really cool because I got to learn about different religions burial practices and who could be buried there and who couldn’t. The catacombs were also a great relief from the heat of Rome considering it is about 60 degrees down there. These were two great things to see as I finished my time in Rome, and I don’t think I could have left without seeing them. While I had five weeks in Rome, I think it is definitely true when people say it takes a lifetime to see all of Rome. There is so much history within the city that you walk by things every day with significant meaning and you have no idea, and there are parts of Rome that aren’t as touristy but with just as much history, which makes it so hard to fit everything in. I definitely loved my time in Rome and was sad to go, but was also looking forward to the comfort that is offered in the United States… mainly air conditioning. There are so many differences between Italy and the US, but my time abroad really made me realize how much we emphasize comfort in the US, we have AC, wear workout clothes, have bigger homes, and like to take cars/buses rather than walk. I’m sure as I am home I will see what else is done so differently in the US versus Italy, but now I am just sad to be leaving my summer of adventure. Ciao Roma!