Having been back home from Spain for just over a week now, I am mostly over the jetlag and beginning to work on final assignments for my classes. I have finally combed over most all final assignment requirements and am now settling into working mode, this has been very difficult to do as I went from Spain to Fayette, to Gulf shores, then back to Fayette again. Another thing that has been an adjustment is the people and society itself! I love Alabama and the people in it, while I found the people in Spain not to be rude but a little impersonal it caught me off guard at first, but I say with a good amount of confidence that I and everyone on the trip whether it was their first time being abroad or not, (as it was mine), we all became accustomed very quickly.

All that being said I have since had time to think about all my fond memories of my study abroad to Spain and all the things I saw and learned during that time, I made new friends I am not sure I would have ever known otherwise.

I think studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences a student can have during their college career. My classes were in art and art history! I absolutely loved being able to stand in front of masterpieces I thought I would only ever see through a screen and sketch in places I never thought I would be in then walk with new friends along streets I never dreamed of. Thank you Bama Study Abroad until next time, Nicole.