The first weekend of my study abroad we went to Cinque Terre. This is a city with 5 little towns along the coast about 3 hours from Florence. It was so much fun and is beautiful!

We left on Friday by private car to head to Manarola, which ended up taking about 4 hours because of the traffic. The roads going into Cinque Terre have tons of switchbacks and are super tiny! 

In Manarola, we got on a boat that took us to see all the 5 towns from the water. We got to jump off the boat and a few cliffs near us, it was so fun. We had a half day (4 hours) on the boat and then met up with our driver in Monterosso. He drove us from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, where our accommodation was, and took Ava’s family back to Florence!

Where We Stayed:

We rented an apartment called the Panorama for the weekend, and it was the best accommodation we have booked to date. The view from our room was actually insane. If I ever go back to Cinque Terre I will 100% be staying here again. Highly Recommend! 


After we got checked in, we headed into Riomaggiore for dinner. We ate at Rio Bistro for dinner, which was a Michelin that had a beautiful view of the water from the dining room. The food was amazing! This was one of my favorite towns that we saw. it was just the right size, and was beautiful everywhere we went.


Saturday morning we got up and took the train to go to Monterosso for the day. The train only takes about 5 minutes in between each little town. We headed to the Stella Marina Beach Club and rented chairs for $15/ person front row! They have a few beach clubs in all the little towns but this one was just the easiest to book late. We ate lunch here, and then headed back for a relaxing night at our apartment. 


Cinque Terre was a 10/10. It was definitely crowded, but was so worth it. 

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