Being in London, there is so much history to learn about and places to see. At first, my friends and I felt a little ashamed to act like every other tourist: taking pictures of anything and everything, looking lost while trying to follow GoogleMaps, and getting visibly excited over everything we passed by.

But the more we tried to hide our excitement out of embarrassment, the more we realized we were limiting the fun we could be having.

Rather than try so hard to not stick out as a tourist, we embraced our mishaps and embarrassments.

So here is my guide to embracing your inner tourist in London:

  • dress for the weather & dress for you (rather than for what you think locals would wear)
  • get your pictures! you are only young and in England once so have your photoshoots in front of the London Bridge
  • see what you want to see, how you want to see it!

If I have learned anything from my time in London, it is that odds are the locals already know you are a tourist and probably also know that you are American.

Enjoy the time you have to see beautiful architecture and historical places without tourist-shaming yourself!