One of the most important parts about this study abroad program is being able to stay on track with schoolwork, while also making sure have as much fun as you can. This was my first time outside the US, so everything was so new and exciting to see. If you don’t have a daily routine in place before studying abroad, this trip will pretty much force you into numerous healthy habits. The three courses I took were very complex, yet my faculty mentors were there to help at every step of the way. My daily schedule would usually consist of breakfast and schoolwork until the early afternoon, then I would be free to explore the city without being worried about deadlines. Some professors allow group work on certain activities, which essentially pushes the students to get the work done at a reasonable time that works for everyone and allows for a more productive routine. Some professors even allowed for us to work on the course material before we departed for Italy, which allowed us to have plenty of free time while still learning the material.

I think it is fair to say that this program never forced me to choose between schoolwork and gaining new experiences. Every weekend was spent in another city, whereas my travel really didn’t get in the way of my weekday schoolwork. The faculty mentors were very flexible and understanding when we needed additional time and help, especially when we were having adventures in other cities. Prior to the program, I was a bit skeptical that I would be forced to focus mostly on school instead of travel. However, this program has been adapted so perfectly to fit in as much education and experiences possible, where I have learned so much while still having great experiences.