The buildup to my trip to Spain felt sudden. To be honest, it felt surreal. Getting on the plane to make my way to Murcia, it felt as though I was simply traveling to a different place within the United States rather than a completely different country on another continent. But once I landed within Murcia, the reality sunk in. I would be spending three months in a country that I am not familiar with. A mix of anxiety and excitement was what I felt as I looked outside the airport and saw beautiful mountains in the Spanish sun. And although I speak Spanish, I do not speak the Spanish that is spoken in Spain. I speak Latin-American Spanish. Various words are different and the accent is distinct. Thankfully, I am still able to communicate and was able to make it to my Airbnb safely. My roommate arrived shortly after.

The first two days into my internship that I was assigned to, my main anxiety was not about the agency itself or what I would be doing. Instead, what I had the most anxiety about was the issue of how I would get there. In the U.S., public transportation is not common, while in Europe, it is the mode to get anywhere. To be honest, the first day I tried to make it to my agency, I got lost for about 2 hours. I have never been so stressed out in my life. But eventually I made it home, and thankfully Murcia is a very safe area. Everyone is kind and willing to help. The agency I am working at is amazing. I loved meeting my supervisor and all of the my coworkers. Everyone is kind and being in an office full of

The area where I am staying is a quiet space full of greenery and beautiful views. There is a supermarket only 5 minutes away walking and a delicious coffee shop right in front. The walk to the bus is also gorgeous and the weather is perfect. Overall, I am enjoying being here and excited to learn more about the city!