This weekend we went to Sorrento, Positano, and Pompeii with Bus2Alps. They offer a bunch of weekend trip plans all over Italy! Another company similar is SmartTrip if you are looking for some easy low-budget travel options.

We left at 7 Thursday night on a bus, and arrived in Piano di Sorrento around 2 AM. The bus ride was long but doable! We got to our accommodation and went to bed since we had a few long days coming ahead.


The first day of our trip was spent in Capri! We left around 9 am to get on the ferry, and headed into town to explore. I bought some Limoncello, of course, and hiked up to the top of the city, where all the shopping was! I bought a necklace and ate lunch, with this adorable lemon drink (above) that you can get pretty much anywhere on the island.

If you are visiting Capri for more than one day, there is a restaurant called Il Riccio on the other side of the island with a Dior pop-up inside. It is a Michelin star and looks so cute. I would have loved to go but it would’ve taken all of our time in Capri. Next time for sure!

We headed back to Piano around 5. Since we were staying so far from the actual city of Sorrento, we got pizza somewhere local for dinner.


Saturday was by far my favorite day of our weekend! We got off the ferry and headed right to the Pupetto Beach Club. There are plenty of beach clubs in this area but this one was super close to the ferry, and was the best option for us since we had a big group. The chairs were $35 per person, and there is beach service and paddle boards available to rent. We spent all day here before heading back to Piano on the ferry.


Saturday night we headed on a bus to Sorrento for dinner. We are at Il Buco, a Michelin star in the area, and I can say this was the best food I have had on the trip. The whole experience was so cool. This is a must if in Sorrento.


Sunday we checked out of the hotel and got back on the bus to head to Pompeii. It was about an hour ride from Piano. We got to see the ruins and the volcano which was really cool! I wish our guide talked about the history of the city more, but we did get to see a lotl!

Where we Stayed

We stayed at the Hotel Albatros in Piano di Sorrento, booked through Bus2Alps. Piano di Sorrento is about 2 miles from the actual town of Sorrento, which is a 15 minute drive away. We were supposed to be staying in the actual town of Sorrento, but were notified a week before that we would not be. It was too late to cancel our trip through Bus2Alps and find reasonably priced accommodations elsewhere. The hotel situation was not ideal, we ended up having hundreds of ants in our room, and it was just not what we expected. We headed back to Florence Sunday evening after Pompeii and called it a night!

Our day trips were great, but If I were to do this trip again, I would book my own accommodations early in advance.

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Amalfi, I will be back!!

Xoxo, Leah