I have been back in the states for approximately 2 hours and I already want to go back to Italy. My last few days in Rome were so much fun and the best way to finish out the trip. One of the days we went to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. They were so beautiful and a really amazing experience. On Sunday, me and another classmate went back to the Vatican for mass, and it ended up being a papal mass and the pope spoke after mass as well in the square. It was super cool and I am so glad we went. I also got to visit the Trevi fountain (4 times actually lol) and the Spanish steps of course. I also got to go to this gelato shop that I was really looking forward to called Limone where they served the lemon cream gelato in an actual lemon. It was delicious and definitely worth spending my last euros on. The farewell dinner that we had with my group was so yummy and also bittersweet. I had some really delicious lasagna and of course a piece of tiramisu. I also had lemon soda to drink which on the first day in Rome, I quickly discovered would be my new obsession. This trip was everything I dreamed of and more, and I am so thankful for all the memories I made, and the amazing people I met and am happy to call friends. I look forward to doing a little reunion with all of them very soon once we all return to ttown. This trip was so amazing I want to start planning my next one as soon as possible!! Arrivederci and roll tide!


-Catalina S.