After a 13 hour plane ride ( and some tears) I arrived back at LAX. The past four months came and went so quickly as if the whole thing was an elaborate dream. My adventure coming to an end is extremely bittersweet. I’m excited to be home for the holidays with family and friends. Yet the realization that the best couple of months of my life coming to an end always seems to creep into my mind. All in all, I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. Grateful for the opportunity, experiences, and people. When you’ve only got a couple months in a place it’s important to use the short time to your advantage and really embrace every opportunity. I can’t help but smile thinking about the friendly portero in the apartment building or one of the incredible professors I met. It’s the meaningful interactions that made my trip worthwhile. Going abroad taught me about highs and lows, personal growth, and the beauty of human interaction. Some parts along the journey were hard, others almost euphoric. At the end of the day, studying abroad was by far the best decision I made in college.