I’ve finally made it to Athens! It was completely different than what I was expecting I’m not going to lie. When I think of Greece, I think of beaches and ruins. Athens is definitely full of ruins, however, it is very much a city. The ocean is about 15 minutes away from the city though. I got to explore Athens for about a week. I visited the Acropolis which was incredible. You can see the whole city of Athens from the top. I also explored Plaka, which was a neighboring town. I did a lot of shopping there and it had some of the best restaurants. We also did day trips to Poseidon Beach and the Delphi Ruins. I really enjoyed Delphi! I had a free day at the beginning of the week when I went to Aegina, which is an island off the coast of Athens. One of my favorite excursions was a catamaran trip on the Aegean sea. We spent a full day on the catamaran and stopped at 2 different locations to go swimming. The water is incredibly salty so it makes it difficult to swim. However, the water is the most beautiful. shade of blue and it is so clear! We then flew from Athens to Paris halfway through our trip, and this was by far my favorite part. We did a day trip to London, Brugges, and Normandy. London was my favorite day of the whole entire trip, I will definitely be going back soon! In Brugges, we did a segway tour of the city. I had never ridden a segway before so it was definitely something to get used to but it was super fun! Also while I was in Paris, I got to go to the French Open to watch some of the qualifying matches. This whole trip has been incredibly busy but the best experience ever! I’m so sad to be leaving because I feel like there’s still so much more to see. I guess that just means I will have to come back!

Picture of the water in Greece!