I am on my study abroad trip and we are on our 3rd stop of the trip which is Rome, Italy. We have previously been in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Croatia. I fly pretty frequently but this has been my first time traveling Europe. By the end of my trip I know that I will be a very confident traveler. Rome has been one of the destinations I was most excited about. We have hit all the major sights to see such as the colosseum, the Vatican, the pantheon, and the Spanish steps. I have always wanted to travel to Italy so I am feeling extremely excited and grateful as we make our way around. We saw all the amazing sights during the day which was amazing however very crowded. Me and my group figured out that the coolest time to see the city is exploring it on your own at night. The Trevi fountain is even more amazing at night and less crowded. The food and gelato so delicious. The pasta has been my favorite so far. We have 3 days in Rome and are definitely making the most of them. Every day on this trip has been exciting and a full itinerary. I had always seen pictures of the colosseum and the Vatican but seeing them in person was truly so different. First of all the buildings are way bigger than you could ever imagine. Second, it is crazy to think of how long ago they were built and how people were able to accomplish that in that time period. I think my favorite building was the Vatican. Rome has been fun and I’m excited for my next stop Venice!