My time here in Rome is flying by and I feel like I can not keep up. I am loving my time here and although I miss my mom and my sister. I am so grateful to have an experience like this.

I believe I have hit the homesickness part of the cycle of going abroad. I am missing my mom and my sister but everyday I try to get out and do something new with my roommates or my work colleagues. What is it like to intern abroad? It is so exciting and so much fun. I love this experience because you get to work closely with a different culture, but also can be difficult with the communication differences. I think I struggle the most with being able to communicate and how there are no hard deadlines that I am working on for my company. There are all fluid with time here which is why I think I struggle the most because at home, I am so used to deadlines and having tasks that need to be done within a specific time frame. I handle this by asking many questions regarding a timely manner in which they would like to get it done, or set goals for myself to get tasks done by a certain day or certain time frame for them to review and correct if need be.