After completing my study abroad experience to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, I can confidently say that it was an opportunity of a lifetime. We got to learn so much about the rich and fascinating culture of Southeast Asia, across multiple different cities and lifestyles. With all of the history and culture that we were immersed in, I’d like to give my top favorite experiences of each country! In Vietnam, we were introduced to the craziness of Hanoi urban life (SO MANY MOTORBIKES), which was certainly energetic and exciting. However, I really enjoyed myself when we visited a local village, which happened to be the most traditional village left in Vietnam. It was so life-giving to meet local people, and we even stumbled upon a class field trip with some kids whose smiles could light up the whole world. It was not as touristy in comparison to the bustling city, so it felt incredibly real and authentic. Another traditional experience I enjoyed was our private water puppet show, which paid tribute to the ancient performances that would occur on the Red River Delta a thousand years ago. I even bought a handmade water puppet, which are made out of fig wood, to come home with me! We were also able to go on a cruise of the gorgeous Hạ Long Bay, which was one of the most beautiful natural destinations I’ve ever seen. Kayaking through the Dark and Light Cave, swimming in the bay, and soaking up the scenery was just phenomenal. These were just a few of our Vietnam adventures, and the country as a whole will always be special to me!