Hola Todos or What’s up everyone! My name is Xavier Williams and this summer I have the privilige of going abroad to Colombia! This is the start of my third week in Colombia. This past weekend we went to Santa Marta, which is about 2 hours away from where we’re all staying right now in Baranquilla! We first went on a city tour where we learned about the significance of Simon Bolivar, one of the great men who emancipated five countries in South America! Keep in mind, we’re in South America, it is hot all the time, and there isn’t air conditioner everywhere, but you get used to it! They only have dry and wet seasons, and the wet season is only for about 2 months. The other months are all summer climate. We also traveled to Aracata, which is the home city of Gabreil Garcia Marquez, a famous Colombian author whose works are appreciated around the world. Our trip was three days long, and on the last day we all went to a beach called Playa Grande, and I had the best time because there were actual mountains surrounding the beach! At the beach we had some students who went tubbing, jet skiing, and, like me, stayed in the clear water, and appreciated the scenery. It is so crazy that I am really in Colombia, let alone a whole different country right now. This post is a little different because we’re only speaking and writing in Spanish for all of our classes, and all of students are challenging ourselves to only speak Spanish during the whole trip. Forgetting I speak English is kind of crazy, but I love to say that I am starting to think in Spanish, finally!