As I finish my first full week home after returning from my trip, I spend a lot of time reflecting on the special moments I experienced while abroad. I got to dine at authentic restaurants in France, cruise the coastline in Greece, segway toured a beautiful city in Belgium, and learned how to make fresh pasta in Italy.

Life at home seems monotonous compared to the adventurous lifestyle I had while studying abroad. I am falling back into a normal routine, which feels comfortable and less chaotic than the busy travel schedule. However, the pictures I have help me remember all the little details of the special moments I experienced. I feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to study abroad. I got to fully immerse myself into the culture and lifestyle of the locals in the area and I got to do things i’ve always dreamed about.

I reflect back on my time with contentment and gratitude and I look to forward to future travel adventures and exploring new cultures.