Heading to Vietnam / Cambodia / Thailand

I chose to study abroad because I have yet to leave the country and I knew that at this point in my life, I had the perfect opportunity to do so. My family has yet to leave the country, so having the chance to be able to experience it and come back to America to tell them about it was an opportunity I had to take. I am preparing to go aboard by reading through the study abroad manual, and in doing so I have been printing out copies of important documents, figuring out appropriate outfits for being abroad, purchasing my flights, etc. 

I am extremely nervous to study abroad; I feel like it is not going to feel real until I step off the plane in Vietnam. I think it just seems like such a foreign idea to me to leave the country, and that is making it a hard concept to wrap my head around. I hope that while studying abroad I will make new friendships, not only with those who I will be with, but also to those who I meet while abroad. 

The picture that I provided was taken at our “pre study abroad” dinner. Included in the picture are some of the girls that I will be traveling with and the Professor who will be taking us. The trip that I am going on is focused on International Business and Professor Wright is my STEM Path to the MBA professor. I am overall really excited to travel abroad, and I hope yall enjoy my blogs during this time.