I don’t even know where to begin! My experience in New Zealand so far has been nothing short of wonderful. From planting trees by the beach with local high school students, to star gazing on the beach at night, to bungy jumping in Queenstown, I could go on and on talking about all my favorite things about my experience in the country. But, if I had to just focus on one, I’d have to say that my favorite thing about my time in New Zealand has been experiencing the beautiful scenic hikes. No matter whether the hikes lasted 30 minutes or 3 hours, we always made sure to make the most out of the experience. On all the various hikes (such as ones at Waiheke Island, the Bridal Path Walk in Christchurch, and the Mauao Mount Maunganui Summit Walk) we encountered rugged terrains, native plants as well as animals, and breathtaking views. I got the amazing opportunity to see unique wildlife like orca whales, kea birds, stingrays, and pukekos that I’ve never seen before, which was so cool!! New Zealand is a nation that places a large focus on nature conservation methods, and is known for its stunning natural beauty. Seeing the gorgeous lakes, mountains, and beaches around the country has been a true one-of-a-kind experience. But what I will especially miss most after the trip, is hiking with the most amazing people: my new friends and Mr. Parker. I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to see the beautiful sights of New Zealand, but I am even more grateful for meeting the people who have made the experiences truly incredible.