I am heading off to the airport for my faculty led study abroad trip in Croatia and Italy. I am so excited but also a little bit nervous. I have never been to Europe before. I have definitely overpacked but I somehow feel like I am forgetting something. My group is 10 students and we will be studying macroeconomics while making our way through Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia. I have just arrived in Zagreb, Croatia which is a beautiful city. I was surprised when I landed how similar things were to us in the US like the roads and highways and there are a lot of similarities in our cultures even though they are different. The plane ride was difficult for me because I don’t really love flying for more than an hour and I had an over night flight with a long travel day. All is good and I love the hotel room I am in. We have our first class in the morning at the University. I am excited to see what the universities are like here compared to at home. My professor hosted a welcome dinner for us and we got to try some local Croatian food and it was really good. The city of Zagreb is very interesting and has so many people. Me and one of the students explored the city after dinner. Tomorrow we have class and a city tour. We are also taking a cable car that will over look the whole city and give us a great view. I am so excited for what’s to come on this trip and very happy to be here!