After completing my first year at Bama, I thought I had it all figured out as far as all things Bama went. I went to all the football and basketball games, made tons of great friends, and did well in my classes. I would soon discover, however, that nothing compares to the experience of studying abroad. I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to go to South Africa as a student from the University of Alabama! Trust me when I say nothing beats driving around Cape Town seeing the baboons that are known to steal your food if you aren’t careful, listening to the penguins and seals splash around in the waves below towering cliffs, or enjoying some of the best foods in the world in between classes. While I could go on about the famous staples of South African cuisine such as Samoosas, Bobotie, or Malva Pudding, study abroad is really defined by what you take away from your time abroad. I came to Cape Town to study South African politics, but have ended up doing much more than learning about what happened when. Since much of what I do in South Africa is applications oriented, I have been focused on talking with the locals about both South Africa and US, meeting with members of NGOs who seek to improve the standing of the poor in Africa, and conversing with leaders in small businesses to gain an understanding of what it’s like to start a business on a complete different continent. I have found this work to be not only interesting, but also fulfilling as my program has given me the opportunity to give back to my South African hosts by volunteering at the Ark City of Refuge, which is an NGO dedicated to fighting poverty and hunger in South Africa’s infamous townships. Although my time abroad has not yet come to a close, I can not help but say that my time in Cape Town has been nothing less than an experience of a lifetime with great adventures, and even greater people who I wouldn’t swap for anybody. If for no other reason, I would encourage all Bama students to study abroad simply because of the amazing friends you will make on the way. Roll Tide!