After leaving Athens and stopping in Corinth the seaside city of Nafplio was the next destination of U.A. in Greece. Using Nafplio as our base of operations for the next few days we would be able to travel to Mycenae and Epidaurus. Mycenae is where the palace of Agamemnon is located and it was from here said King who was featured in both the Iliad and Oresteia would have ruled. Epidaurus on the other hand is the location of a healing cult (cult in this context meaning a group whose religious rites are unknown) and an ancient hospital as well as a massive theatre where patients could enjoy entertainment.

As for Nafplio itself, the best way to picture it is to imagine a seaside resort where everything is right on the water. Congratulations, you just imagined Nafplio. Numerous restaurants dot the city and its cobblestone boardwalk offering a variety of both local and foreign food all while you lounge on couches facing the open water. The city itself is overlooked by two massive forts that are open to visitors and tour groups offering a breathtaking view of both the city and the water. Another fort lies within the bay itself past which countless boats sail past from private yachts to cruise ships, to old fashioned sailboats Nafplio isn't just a location filled with history but also one that tourists flock to for a good time. On the outskirts of town lies a cobblestone path which if you follow will take you around the edge of the water to a private beach constantly frequented by locals.

  • The Lions Gate which marks the entrance to Agamemnon's palace.
  • The theatre at Epidaurus.
  • Couscous with shrimp and sundried tomatoes.
  • Saganaki Shrimp
  • The forts overlooking Nafplio.
  • The fort in the middle of the bay with the sun setting in the background.
  • Sunset along the cobblestone path.