Although I have been on several flights in my 19 years of living, none were longer than about 90 minutes. I had flown from my home in North Carolina to Orlando for a family vacation to Disney World, and from my home again in 2022 to visit UA. These flights were nothing compared to the Goliath travel day that would be a transatlantic flight. I enjoy flying a lot, but the length of this flight from Charlotte to the hub airport in Munich was terrifying in itself, not to mention the time spent over the ocean. I was a little anxious before takeoff while sitting in my seat, and when we finally took off, I knew that we were in the hands of professionals who would ensure the other passengers and I would make it to our destination safely. Once we reached cruising altitude, we were served complimentary beverages and a small snack. A little bit later, passengers were able to pick their dinner meal. Soon after, the plane went into night mode, and it was time for the passengers to be silent and try to sleep. Once I found the position that was most comfortable for me, I was out. It was so nice to get rest after a long of day at the airport. When I woke up we had a little over an hour left before landing. Once in Munich, I went through customs, and found my next gate for my flight to Zagreb. Although I was stressed, and somewhat nervous, about flying across the Atlantic, I very quickly realized that the flight was not only safe, but much more relaxing than I originally thought it would have been.