Although living on the Italian Coast is a dream there was another destination, I knew I needed to explore. This destination is known for beautiful architecture with picturesque white cyclidic houses and blue domes on the top of churches. Along with friends from the University of Alabama, I traveled to Oia, Santorini for the weekend. Santorini is magical in every way imaginable and the views overlooking the Aegean Sea I will never forget. We stayed in Oia, which is known for the most aesthetic architecture in the world. There are endless savvy boutiques for shopping and restaurants with delicious food – as well as the view of a lifetime. Santorini was also full of roaming dogs and cats that are very friendly and add a sense of warmth to the atmosphere of the island. To enjoy the sunshine on the island we decided to take a 30-minute ride down the island to experience the black volcanic sand beaches in Perissa, Santorini. This sand is the same consistency as that in Sorrento, Italy where my study abroad program is located so this type of sand was not a new phenomenon to us. To end the night, after the beach we caught our last sunset dinner in Oia, where I had the most amazing pasta. Even better than any pasta I have had while in Italy! I already miss Santorini and know I will have to plan a trip back. The unique picturesque town of Oia in Santorini should be on everyone’s bucket list in Europe!